21 August


The French Balaphonics brass band promise to keep crowds on their toes with their uplifting Afrobeat, Highlife, Bikutsi, Maloya, Soukous and Ethiopic rhythms and melodies. Mainly Influenced by the music of Ghana, Senegal, Mali or Madagascar, audiences can expect the signature Balaphonics blend of syncopated rhythms and great melodies. The group is a mix of percussion, brass and balafon.

00:00 In the Woods

Afro Mpanda Banana

A nine member band dedicated to the sound of Afrobeat, the Afro Mpanda Banana are guaranteed to make you dance….until your feet can’t dance no more! Formed by ABR, this is the first band of its kind in Cyprus, brilliantly fusing African melodies with percussion, keyboards and organic rhythmic explosions. Members include Andreas Panteli (keys) Cotsios O Pikatillis (vocals), Mike Michael (trumpet), Charis Ioannou (saxophone), Nikos Koukouvinos (trombone), Ermis Michail (electric guitar), Kyriakos Kesta (bass), Rodos Panayiotou (percussions), Andreas Rodosthenous (drums).

22:30 In the Woods

ABR Radio

This Interactive Community ABR Radio, can best be summed us as super fun, entertaining, quirky, unexpected, and more than anything, downright hilarious as local artists come together for some unconventional conceptual radio shows. Born from the idea of giving festival goers a bit of extra entertainment during the day, between acts and activities, it then grew to become a special event in itself. Prepare to be entertained in a way that only the ABR knows. So expect the unexpected and hold tight…it has a reputation of being a bit playful so don’t always take what it is says for granted (or literally for that matter!).

14:00 - 21:30 ABR Radio

Koulla P. Katsikoronou

Koulla P. Katsikoronou grooves in a loose, freewheel fashion, injecting her delicious ‘nuggets’ straight into your dancing shoes!

That’s right, this is one DJ who loves to tease the crowds with a little quirky mystery, and absolutely loves to do her (or his!) thing behind the decks under various guises and pseudonyms, exciting the crowds at numerous bars and hip and happening events island-wide with tropical global sounds.

When he isn’t getting the party started at a wild party as a DJ, he’s recognized well beyond our island’s shores for his brilliant musical talent as part of the well-known Cyprus folk band, Monsieur Doumani.

21:00 In the Woods

Blue Loquat

Blue Loquat is a live duo whose music relies on the delicate balancing act between various, often opposing, elements. This is reflected in their sound, as well as in their live performance. Musically, Blue Loquat experiments with form through the juxtaposition of various genres and musical aesthetics, taking the crowd through a rollercoaster of emotional states. While the performance explores the relationship between live music and the dance floor, the duo uses electric guitars, bass guitar, analogue synthesizers and vocals to create a unique live performance, merging the atmosphere of a live concert with a full on club experience.

01:30 In the Woods

Joe Malik

Joe Malik is the DJ persona of Pandelis Diamantides; a musician, sound designer and visual artist. When he’s not busy programming audio installations for the Marina Abramovic Institute, designing Augmented Reality applications for the Appril Festival or in his studio producing audiovisual work for Microseq, he loves to experiment with DJ-ing with dub-techno, electronic, breakbeats and experimental. But that’s not all! When there’s a projector around, he likes to combine audio selectives with generative visuals, produced live by custom software that he has developed in recent years, aiming at an advance combination of DJ-ing and VJ-ing.

04:00 In the Box


If you’ve ever listened to his sets, then you’ll already know that an introduction isn’t really hugely necessary, driven by a unique passion for electronic music and always one to pick up on the tiny details in a multilayer situation as dance lovers let the music carry them away into a world of musical splendour and beyond.

02:00 In the Box


Just think strong beats accompanied with experienced vinyl skills and you’ve got Ciprian down to a tee. The newest addition to the residency parentage of klubd in Nicosia, Ciprian is clearly a focus of interest with all ears ready to hear his latest intoxicating beats.

23:00 In the Box

Vassilis Palamas

For Vassilis, music is comparable to mouth to mouth with the world! And let’s just say, it’s what keeps him ticking! A former music producer at Radio Proto (Dias), he now keeps busy DJing at local bars and events around Nicosia, Limassol, and Paphos. From acid jazz, Afro funk, reggae and ska grooves, he knows certainly how to foster an atmosphere of elation on the dance floor.

19:00 In the Woods

Gustav Lebon

Sharing music is a family tradition for this DJ and he certainly has a versatile ear. You’ll be pricking your ears in sheer anticipation of what he’ll be playing next while his ecstatic tunes filled with imagination will be nothing less than a continuous source of inspiration.

00:30 In the Box

22 August

The Apples

This Israeli instrumental post-funk band have been delivering genre melting infectious grooves for over a decade and they sure know how to do it with exceptional artistry and brilliance. The musicians’ inspired chemistry and varied backgrounds allow them to infuse the indigenous rhythms of the Middle East and the melodies of European Jewish heritage, with American R’n’B, jazz, and hip-hop traditions, enhancing them with dubbed out effects, often within the same track. Expect decks, horns, double bass, drums and tape effects. Enough said!

23:30 In the Woods

Ed Davenport

Based in Berlin, the 29-year-old British Ed Davenport has slowly but surely carved out his very own niche, while working up a name for himself in the electronic music scene of the German capital and beyond. He now runs his own label, Counterchange Recordings, co-runs the historic Infrastructure New York imprint with Function, and also releases music under his Inland guise. Driven by a sense of the timelessness of great music, Ed continues to hone a sound that is simultaneously emotional, engaging, and expansive.

02:30 In the Woods

Anima Nation

The Greek Anima Nation keep busy with their performances infused with reggae, ska, funk, Afro beat, Cumbia, Latin and Calypso grooves, fused with a dose of hip hop and soul. With countless live performances under their belt, they’ve been working their magic at top events and festivals alongside the likes of Groundation, Don Carlos, Nneka, Oghene Kolomgbo and Dreadzone.

22:00 In the Woods

Alexis Baitelman

A force to be reckoned with, Teknon Brutus is all about shaking up the party with ecstatic techno house electro acid grooves. This Cypriot-Chillian DJ has been keeping busy in the hub of Berlin’s music scene for over a decade (with parties at hot spots like PHASE where he is also a resident), while he’s also about to release a new record on with the African Shakedown label. He’s now set to take crowds on a musical journey that has the drive of techno, the melody and romance of disco and the infectious groove of funk. Expect pure raw sound and intense emotion. After all, for this DJ, it’s all about connecting with the universal consciousness and becoming one through music.

01:00 In the Woods

The Dude of Stratosphear

This is one dude that will have you grooving and moving in ways beyond your wildest imagination, as Far Eastern Psych meets Left Field Worldbeat. Jetting in for the festival from Geneva, it’s all about crazy vintage sounds and obscure grooves from Asia and beyond. Collecting records and DJing for over 20 years, ha has been a resident DJ at various venues in Geneva such as the Madone Bar, Shark, L’Etage and promoter at Zoo-Usine, where he focused on art performance and experimental music.

After many countless trips to the Far East, he has has sharpened his globe-spanning mix with far eastern psychedelic music and with largely unheard gems from across the musical spectrum. In the past couple of years, The Dude of Stratosphear has been a regular guest at Zudrangma’s parties “Isan Dancehall” in Bangkok while having played at countless other clubs around the world.

20:30 In the Woods

Sick Carantino

Giving Bucharest and cities around Romania an extra buzz with his characteristic mix of late disco, Afro disco, disco edits, Italo disco, early house and eclectic electronic, Carantino will be arriving in Cyprus to continue the party atmosphere, seriously spiced up by world beats and African drums. It was the love for Disco and related genres, that led him to a residentship at one of the major clubs from Bucharest, Control Club, where he has shared the booth with DJs like Cristian Pannenborg, Marcello Giordani, Discodromo, Horse Meat Disco, Franz UnderWear, Manuel Kim, Montezumas Rache, Sergio Rizzolo.

22:30 In the Box

Tony Cusack

Crowds around the island regularly party to Cusack’s cool electronic beats but now many know that his love affair with this type of music began at a prepubescent stage in the mid 80s after hearing Kraftwerk’s ‘Tour de France’ whilst insistently watching ‘Breakdance - The Movie’ at the age of nine. Following regular visits to the UK, the rave scene in the early 90s left a lasting impression, and Cusack soon found himself living in London. Beguiled by the city’s underground party circuit and clubs like ‘Lost’ and ‘The End’, he soon began amassing records, drum machines and precious stones. One night whilst in a lucid trance-like state, Cusack encountered the twin apparition of Larry Levan and David Mancuso teaching him the ways of the force. Years later you can hear him spinning anything from freaky Chicago Acid Trax and dreamy Detroit techno, to Synth-pop, New Wave, Deep-House and Disco. Are you ready to be whisked away with wild and wonderful beats? Cusack certainly is!

04:00 In the Box

ABR Radio

This Interactive Community ABR Radio, can best be summed us as super fun, entertaining, quirky, unexpected, and more than anything, downright hilarious as local artists come together for some unconventional conceptual radio shows. Born from the idea of giving festival goers a bit of extra entertainment during the day, between acts and activities, it then grew to become a special event in itself. Prepare to be entertained in a way that only the ABR knows. So expect the unexpected and hold tight…it has a reputation of being a bit playful so don’t always take what it is says for granted (or literally for that matter!).

11:00 - 00:00 ABR Radio


A recently formed Cyprus based DJ duo, Cotsios O Picatillis and Mr. Fox, are known by party animals for their flamboyant mixing style and eclectic selections, ranging from disco to techno and everything and anything in between. Their project was born out of their mutual love for dance music across genres, coupled with a belief that dancing is an important form of human expression that is often overlooked in modern day society. Prepare for an explosive dance floor experience with plenty of spicy surprises in the mix.

03:00 In the Box


Born in London but brought up in Cyprus, Mpakalli’s first foray into the electronic music scene was organizing and promoting events of all genres across the island. However, it took a return to his birthplace London for him to find his musical epiphany, weaned on a diet of tech house and minimal as he started DJing as ‘Simply Nick’ at various underground parties and hosting rooms in mega clubs such as Turnmills. After experiencing the evolution of EDM in numerous countries from Berlin to Montreal, ‘Simply Nick’ returned to CY now performs at various bars and festivals islandwide as ‘Mpakkalis’ island, combining a mixture of UK tech house and nu disco, serving up a variety of techy beats designed to get your groove on!

01:30 In the Box


Hailing from Cyprus, Kineza has spent the past few years shifting her knowledge of composing to the underrated art of mixing, or curating, music. Having played alongside Randomer and LONE, she presents the finest of whatever the affair calls for - whether it’s for the two lone survivors of an after party or to the masses of a dancefloor. Exploring the relationship between genres, anything goes; from deep electronic beats to etheric bleeps and tribal rhythms, for the intuitive sake of mood. Known for making crowds dance on table tops, suffice to say the journey is rather unique.

00:00 In the Box

Janis Plasmatik

Not many will need an introduction to Janis Plasmatik, who has played alongside the likes of Sammy Dee, Sonja Moonear, Vera, Daniel Bell, Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu, Jan krueger and more during his tenancy as klubd’s artistic director. A visionary selector who likes to dig and dive into the deeper textures of music, he recently played at legendary Athens club, six d.o.g.s, while this summer he’ll be heading over to Berlin for a gig at CDV.

05:30 In the Box

Radio Pangea

Radio Pangea (Barçın Gökbörü) believes that the most effective way of fighting against cultural conflict and contemptuous attitudes towards our differences lies in music. As such, Radio Pangea invites you to immerse yourselves in a real multicultural environment, to experience a night filled with Middle Eastern Rhythms, Gypsy Punk, Balkan Beats, Electro-Swing, Latin-Ska, Anatolian Grooves, Electro-Tango, Nu jazz as well as Latin Grooves and Rumb-Dub Style, Rai, African-Reggae, Latin Hiphop as well as Drum’n Bass, Funk, Punk music and Rock’n Roll. The list goes on, but we’ll keep you guessing!

17:30 Up the Hill

Rumba Attack & Friends

Rumba Attack are well known around Cyprus from their live performances characterised by their distinctive blend of distinctive Spanish Flamenco-Rumba style, blended with sounds from world music, blues and jazz. Band members include Constantinos Lyras and Memnon Arestis on guitars, and Savvas Thoma on cajon/percussion. The trio mostly performs their own original instrumental material in a distinctive Spanish Flamenco-Rumba style, blended with sounds from world music, blues and jazz.

19:00 Up the Hill


We're delighted to announce that following our OPEN CALL, the artistic visas have now been granted to a group of talented and inventive individuals who are descending on the Republic to materialise their proposed dreams!

There will be twelve creative projects in total with an interactive nature adding to the thrilling sensory experience of The Afro Banana Republic Festival. Details on all artistic projects will be coming soon so watch this space!



  1. Take the exit for Kornos, Stavrovouni.
  2. At the end of the road turn left.
  3. At the end of the road turn right.
  4. Keep going straight for about 3 km. The festival will be on your left, next to a church.


  1. Take the exit for Kornos, Stavrovouni.
  2. At the end of the road turn right.
  3. At the end of the road turn right (again).
  4. Keep going straight for about 3 km. The festival will be your left, next to a church.


  1. Take the exit from Kalo Chorio roundabout to Kalo Chorio. Keep going until you find the roundabout of Mosfiloti.
  2. Turn left and follow the old Nicosia-Limassol road towards Limassol for 4 km.



Enjoy the glories of the great outdoors and make the most of the two day experience by pitching up a tent under the cool shade of leafy eucalyptus and pine trees in the festival campsite. First come, first served. Showers and toilets will be available on site.

Fire Safety

Fire hazards are no small deal during the summer months and we wouldn’t want to burn the lovely forest down, so please beware that lighting fire is forbidden on the festival premises!


Why not get your friends together to make the most of the drive down to the festival? Sharing a ride is fun, will save you petrol money, and it will be easier for everyone to park once on site! When you approach the festival site, please follow the signs and the parking assistants’ signals as they guide you toward the designated parking area. Try not to leave your car on the main road to avoid congestion and potential accidents.

Food & Drinks

We’ve got you covered when the hunger pangs kick in! A wide variety of food will be available on the festival crowds, with tantalising flavours dished up by select food stalls (including vegan delights). We’ll also be quenching your thirst with special cocktails created by professional mixologists especially for the occasion. Don’t fancy alcohol? Refreshing iced teas and frappes should give you the energy boost you need to keep you on your toes all night long.


Labelled bins will be available on site. We kindly ask you to keep the site clean and separate your rubbish. Please place bottles in the crates provided.


Not into camping? Prefer the comfort of ­your own room?

Then there’s a great plac­e to stay just a three minute drive from­ the festival site to cater to your need­s.

With small houses for rent, you can t­eam up with friends and ensure you’ve go­t somewhere close by to get some rest.

F­ind out more about Cosmopolis multi-­venue.

The Presale has now ended! Fear not, you can still get your tickets at the Festival.

An announcement will be made on our Facebook page when tickets are no longer available.


The Afro Banana Republic is an annual Community Festival, organised by a mix of creative talents who are part of the Festival’s team. With a mix of professionals from different fields on board, the team derives its inspiration from the creative art scene in Cyprus.

Taking on a multidisciplinary approach, the occasion provides a platform for a whole host of home grown talents to explore their potential within this Community, presenting their work as part of a whole while becoming collectively stronger, gaining acknowledgement around the island and beyond.

Since its inception, the festival has grown from strength to strength, recently honoured with the EFFE Label 2015-2016, earning international recognition as one of Europe’s finest festivals. The whole occasion bears the creative stamp of the “ABR - Alternative Brains Rule” non-profit organisation.


Cotsios O Pikatillis (Producer)

Martha Georgiou (Producer)

Marios Constantinides (Administration)

PARAVAN Proactions (Creative Consultants)

Alexandros Papageorgiou (Technical Consultant)

Physical Festival Setup

Cotsios O Pikatillis (Masterplanning)

Andreas Petrou (Lighting Design)

Martha Georgiou (Masterplanning)

PARAVAN Proactions: Harris Kafkarides & Melita Couta (Masterplanning & Creative Projects Curation & Coordination)

Marios Constantinides (Masterplanning & Site Operations Coordination)

Stefan Irimi (Construction Management)

Alexandros Papageorgiou (Technical Management & Lighting Design)

Design & Publicity

Marios Constantinides (Graphic Communication & Website Design)

Martha Georgiou (Digital Marketing & Media Communication)

Nicolas Rudas (Website Design & Development)

Zoe Christodoulides (Promotional Text & Communications)

Alexandros Papageorgiou (Promotional Text - Greek Translation)

M (Σταύρος Ρώσσος & Μαρίνα Κωνσταντινίδου) (Promotional Film Production)


Cotsios O Pikatillis (Local DJs)

Andreas Panteli (Live Bands)

Alexis Baitelman (International DJs)

Andreas Petrou (Local DJs)

Event Coordination

Michael Pavlides (Volunteers Manager)

Anna Kyprianou (Ticketing & Shifts Management)

Michaella Tsangari (Stage Management)

Christos Christodoulou (Sound Engineering)

Cleo Andreou (International Artists Hospitality)

Claudio Saghbini (International Artists Hospitality)

Marina Hadjilouca (Food Vendors Management)


Reverie Productions (Film)

Silvio Augusto Rusmigo (Mega - Shot Photography)

Special Thanks

Leo Burnett